Thursday, February 11, 2010

Penis Inside Virgina Pictures When I Put My Penis Inside My Wife Virgina, She Feel Paining Some Time Not Going Inside,plz Helpe Me?

When i put my penis inside my wife virgina, she feel paining some time not going inside,plz helpe me? - penis inside virgina pictures

If I sex with my wife, if I my penis in her virginity, it hurt for them to do some time its hard to see when the press and the strength, the wrong view, but before we play sex, kissing, and I'm trying to to increase their feelings. every time I put her fingers in her virginity before sex to achieve the time and enjoy the good feeling, but when I think of him in the penis sometimes hurts to enter 's you please help me, and I want to satisfaction of my wife without damage.


Jessica said...

Sounds like we have an infection

ya girl said...

You should have a doctor, probably an infection.

Richard Head said...

His cock is too big, dude. I know it sucks, does not it? We are too big for our own good.

shayleal... said...

Your wife should consult your doctor and explain what happens. There might be something medical specialties. It could be that spam penile vaginal penetration. The fact that the penetration does not hurt the fingers, and she loves it, it seems that vaginal spasms. Or perhaps a little help, the psychological on.Either for these things.

Nissy said...

There needs to be a gynecologist, which may have a sexually transmitted disease, why you have pain.

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